Built at the threshold of the steam-driven, Gilded Age, The Kavanagh House is filled with mechanical wonders, mechanized puzzles, hidden places, and seven death traps. A century later, Parker discovers the journal of Eleanor Kavanagh inside a metal, puzzle box and wrapped in a cryptic note: My father’s house is haunted and it’s my fault.

Vincent Ferrari, the ruthless, ambitious man who built the house, is destined to remain with it, long after his death. Vincent mistakes Parker for Eleanor, who finally lured him into one of his own deadly traps. Now he wants revenge.

Parker enlists the help of the mysterious Mason to find Vincent’s body. Together, while avoiding the vindictive spirit, they search for Eleanor’s hidden journal pages, which contain the information they need.

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You choose where the story goes. . . . When Kennady first meets Atticus, she is not impressed. The second time, she’s offended. But before the week is over, they team up to find out who sabotaged the secret alternative-energy project in a basement lab on the university campus. You get to choose what happened in the break-in at the lab was Dr. Takishida kidnapped or were his computer files stolen? As sinister forces try to stop Kennady and Atticus from solving the crime, each of the two story lines divide, offering a total of four possible endings. Share on Goodreads


Kennady thought she’d found the perfect summer escape–working at a resort in Jackson Hole. But then Atticus, whom she once loved, comes to town, an international conference threatens world finances, and a Mexican cartel shows up to stop the conspirators. When Kennady’s friend Chelo gets entangled with a handsome and possibly dangerous man, her own life is threatened. From blowing the door off a room with a microwave to being shot at in the rain, Jackson was not an escape after all. Share on Goodreads


It is the eighth century BC. No Hebrew will purposely venture into the Assyrian Empire, whose practice of barbarous slaughter casts a shadow of fear over all of Israel. But God calls Jonah, an Israelite prophet, to cry repentance to the evil empire’s capital-the great and terrible city of Nineveh. Fearing the Assyrians and doubting the wisdom of the divine call, Jonah flees in the opposite direction. But in a series of miracles, God gives Jonah a second chance to obey.

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Look into the lives of ordinary sisters as they share 50
stories of love and service. Whether it is facing a new challenge or dealing with the sickness or loss of a loved one, these stories testify of the very real power of women devoted to God and His work. In trial and doubt, in faith and in joy, sometimes all it takes is a circle of sisters to change a
life for the better.

Susan’s Story: “Disected Magazines, Bread Crusts, and the Love of God”

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“Sing We Now Of Christmas takes a unique approach. . . meant to be opened and read like an Advent calendar; one day at a time leading to Christmas. . . .Michael Young, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. . .enlisted writers and editors across the country, who donated their stories and technical skills. All royalties from the book go to the National Down Syndrome Society.”

Each story is based on a Christmas carol. Susan’s Story: “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”

“This book has so many great ORIGINAL STORIES. . . . The fact that they are linked to Christmas carols makes it great fun!” -Nathan Benson

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Cold Pursuit Reviews:

I purposefully read this book because it promised a “choose your own ending!”
I was intrigued with HOW the author was going to pull that off.
And she did it BEAUTIFULLY! -Shauna Wheelwright

I REALLY LOVED this book! “I had a hard time deciding which ending I liked the best. I read it at least 3 times trying to decide. Looking forward to Hot Pursuit.” -Marilyn Hatch


Jonah Reviews:

There’s more to Jonah than a Big Fish story. -T. Cope

“Susan’s extensive research leads to a story that opens a whole new view into the life of this prophet about whom most of us know so little. ” -A. Olsen

“Each chapter in ‘Redemption’ begins with descriptions and movements that help the reader feel like a personal witness to the event.”


About Susan

Susan is the author of Cold Pursuit, Hot Pursuit and other projects.