Time for a Woodland Walk

August 18, 2016

IMG_4686Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”9

Yesterday I went up a local canyon for a woodland walk. Just driving there, as neighborhoods gave way to narrow hairpin turns around canyon walls and towering trees, my shoulders began to relax and my breathing to slow. 1.

When I walked along the well marked path, to-do lists evaporated, deadlines receded, and only the trail, the green view, and

the sound of the creek remained. 2.








There is laughter in 5crossing a rickety footbridge,




admiring a tree’s roots, and


gazing at the tree tops as I twirl around until I lose a sense of where I’ve been. 13







There is peace where the beavers choose to build,





where tiny cataracts gurgle6








and 12a trail rises and falls like a ribbon.









Going home, I leave my heart behind.8 And, my  priorities realign. I do not need more things in my life. I need more time in nature’s beauty. I don’t need time to do more. I need time doing less.

And well-worn paths are best taken while the crowds are still home.

It would be a sad life if a walk along a creek couldn’t be scheduled in.



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