What Not to Do with a Broken Rib

July 8, 2016
  1. trashcan

    Do not go to Instacare on Sunday. The doctor will thump you on the back to make sure you hurt, have you pee in a cup, then write you 3 prescriptions—I think they get a commission.


At least this many.

At least this many.

2. Do not give in and carry a two year old up a long flight of stairs. Try racing him to the top. Coaxing him with a game or resort to bribes. But when those wear out and he looks at you like, “I’m not falling for any of your ploys this time. If you want me upstairs, you’re going to have to carry me,” do not give in and scoop him up. It will set you back three days.


shoes in bed3. Do not bend over to tie your shoes. Say you have some that you created and you want to wear them around town, but can’t because you actually won’t be going any place but to bed, all the same, don’t tie them.


cheesecake4. Do not binge on chocolate to sooth your disappointment for what you can’t do. That raw chocolate cheesecake you made to go with the strawberries, will not be your friend when you cannot get on the treadmill.




Glacier Express

Glacier Express

5. Do not go on a trip to ride a train through Switzerland. Not that you planned on going on such a trip this year anyway, but somehow, knowing that now it’s definitely out the window, is just that much more bitter. Okay, maybe a small piece of chocolate pie.



6. Do not write a long blog—because sitting too long will not help.

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