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June 30, 2016

My talents are varied.

  1. launchersI can make a mean marshmallow launcher from a piece of a pool noodle, a balloon and duct tape. A trial run proved that pom-poms performed poorly, but mini, (colored) marshmallows soared.
  2. I own the parenthesis. I use them with abandon and without forethought. (I can insert them into a sentence, after a sentence, or just because, the sun chose to brightly shine.) I’m also adept at splitting infinitives and splicing comas.
  3. And, as relates to this post, I’m a professional doodler (in ambition at least).

shoe 2So when I saw what a Sharpie could do to a pair of canvas shoes, how could I resist?



shoes 6Actually I happened to be hurrying through a store to pick up a couple of items, dashing from one end to the other, hoping I didn’t run into anyone I knew (probably a bad hair day). I scurried past the shoes. Then on my way to check out, I scurried past again. That time, I slowed long enough to snag a pair. I already had some Sharpies.



At home, I referenced some Pinterest examples and some coloring pages for sun and moon. Then for about three days, ten minutes here and there, I doodled 7

(Number one rule of doodling—don’t make it perfect.)

shoes 4I added quotes to mine because I’m a word person. Both of these are from J.R.R. Tolkien. They have to do with walking. Sort of. If you squint out of one eye and eat “special” brownies. Okay, so I’ve never tried that type of brownie and this post is now wandering far off course. (Another talent I have.)

This is the quote that set the theme for the toes:

The day will come at last when I

Shall take the hidden paths that run

West of the moon and east of the sun.

shoes 3I am happy with the imperfect results. I may have to snag another pair (or two), but next time, I’ll add color. 


boots 1Can you tell I love whimsical, clever things? However, though these other “shoes” made me smile, I don’t think I’ll be duplicating them.

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