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Hot Pursuit FAQ’s

July 4, 2014




Q: What is Hot Pursuit?

A: It’s a story of suspense with twice the romance. It is also the much-asked-for-sequel to Cold Pursuit.

Q: Which ending of Cold Pursuit does Hot Pursuit come from?

A: I hesitate to say, because it’s a bit of a spoiler–so if you’ve not read Cold Pursuit yet and don’t want to be freaked out by knowing, then skip this question. Now. There, I’ve given you plenty of space without your eyes skipping ahead and seeing the answer anyway. 🙂 And the answer is, the first one. Now to hide the answer in further text. I’m great, how are you?

Q: Does Hot Pursuit also have multiple endings?

A: Of course. Oh, did you want to know how many? four.

Q: How does that work?

A: After the story begins, and you’re thinking, “Oh my, how are they ever going to get together?”, and “Oh no, Kennady has gone and got herself into trouble again!” and, “What is Chelo thinking?” (of course only Chelo knows that), you choose which way you want the suspense to go–A charismatic senator or a cartel run amok. Then after awhile, the path you chose will give you another choice for a total of four endings. Yep, try keeping track of that as a writer.

Q: Does this get confusing for the reader?

A: Not at all. In fact it makes for a great book to have. Read one ending, then after a few weeks, go back and choose another path. It’s like a whole different book.

Q: Is Hot Pursuit set someplace hot?

A: Exactly! The world-class resort area of Jackson Hole area where the hot caldera beneath Yellowstone even comes into play. Watch for pictures in upcoming blog posts.

Q: Will there be live links in the e-book version?

A: Absolutely! Like this one.  I will also post a list on this blog for those who purchase the traditional version–you know the one you can read under the covers with a flashlight and press wild flowers into. reading under quilt

Q: Do we get to read about the same characters?

A: Yes. Warning: the next sentence contains spoiler info that will negate your earlier attempt to avoid such. 🙂 But, I couldn’t leave Kennady and Atticus in that heart-wrenching break-up from that ending of Cold Pursuit. And fans will be glad to know that Chelo is back!–this time with her own POV. And romance. There are others from the first book, such as–Luke and Adela, but there are some new ones too. Some you’ll like, some despise, and one that, well, it depends on the ending.




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    I am looking forward to reading both books! And…I didn’t read any of the spoilers on this post. 🙂

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